Minimum Safety Standards

Health and Safety Minimum Standards:

There are many risks and dangerous things that we should always avoid to ensure the safety of everybody at working places, companies or organizations. To avoid such risks, companies introduce some signs and symbols that indicate threats to reduce the possibilities of accidents. All the employees must know the safety standards and have the know-how to use the safety equipment like a fire extinguisher, water pipes etc.

In a sudden accident, most of the people will panic; you shouldn’t do that and think with a calm mind. You cannot contemplate all the risk on the spot but do the precautions to reduce the damage as soon as possible. You should know which kind of people (older, disabled) you have to save first and the remaining people must have some safety guidelines.

Basic Comforts:

In the case of ember, all the buildings must have clean toilets, facilities of cold and hot water, soaps, towels, hand dryers etc.

Every employee should have a bottle of clean water for drinking purposes and as a management of the company; this is the responsibility of the admin to provide the clean water to their employees.

In the working areas, the place must be clean and tidy, waste materials produced during the work must be removed on a daily basis. There should be sufficient space between the employees to work comfortably.

The temperature in the building should be 16 degrees Celsius if the people are working on their desks but, if the employees are moving and performing some activities, the temperature should be 13 degree Celsius. The temperature in the building must be regulated and comfortable for your employees.

As an owner or staff of management, it is your responsibility to give the breaks after some specific time, especially to those who use computers and work on the screens. The screens must have protective glasses to reduce the harmful waves. The chairs should have proper fighting and adjustment to reduce the back pain and work easily. You should also offer them for eye tests and checkup for free.

Put the Notices and Signs:

  • Dispose of some notices and signs on the walls or stands such as;
  • Set out some posters that indicate health and safety laws.
  • Dispose of a poster of no smoking at the entrance of the building and on the other walls to prevent the fire accidents.
  • Display the insurance certificates of all the employees at a specific place.
  • Array some signs that indicate risks, hazardous things or threats such as; moving vehicles, short circuit, current, pipework etc.

First Aid:

As the in charge of all the employees, it’s your responsibility to provide first aid in the building. There are many kinds of first aid boxes available at the market, buy some boxes and give them to your employees. Also, make an in charge of the employees, who check the first aid boxes daily and fulfil the requirements, also take suitable decisions during some serious situation or accident.

You should appoint a person as a first aider and medical services provider. It is based on the risks and hazardous things that are involved in your business. Make sure that the person must be well trained and have the good common sense to take serious decisions on the spot. Also, your first aider must know how to report an accident.


A building must contain the fire safety equipment to assist the fire in a serious situation. There are thousands of cases occurring every year in the world due to fire. A building must contain the following equipment’s to prevent the fiery situation:

Fire extinguishers.

The staff of the building must be trained to handle the situation wisely.

  • Easy escape routes, which leads the employees to a safe place.
  • Fire-resistant walls and doors.
  • The building must contain fire alarms and showers to reduce the damage.
  • Fire sensors.
  • Emergency lighting.


Every equipment must be safe and comfortable reviewed under the provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998. All the equipment; hammers, ladders, vehicles, machines, photocopiers, everything must be safe for use and have tags of warnings and risks. Only those who have training and practices can use the equipment under the limits of their warning tags.

Accidents and Incidents At work:

By following the law, a company must contain all the reports of the accidents up to three years. It depends on the company management to save all the data in form of hard or soft copies. If someone will be injured during the working hours or at working place and didn’t do the work for at least three days, the report must be submitted to the health and safety executive. Some other incidents like death, lifetime disability, major injuries etc. are also be reported.

If any serious injury or incident occurs during the work, it must be recorded in the record book with all details including the name of the person, date of the incident and other small details.

Recording Accidents and Incidents:

All the following details must be recorded in the record book of accidents and incidents:

  • Date and time of the accident.

  • Name of the person and occupation.

  • Kind of injury.

  • Place of the accident or incident.

  • A short detail of incident (how all the things have happened).

  • Also, report the method by which you report the incident.

Now, the report is ready and you have to send it to the (HSE). They will confirm the report and send it to you back. If you have some doubts and quires, you have authority to complain and check it again.

You must have the accident record book in which all kinds of accidents or incidents should be written with details. This act will make your company’s image safe and you will always have details to prove your companies standard if anyone wants to do the investigation.

All the employees have the responsibility to make sure that no one will get hurt by them. They ensure to use all the equipment’s and machines very safely to prevent the risks and damage under the Safety and Health at Work act. Also, as the owner or in charge, you have a very big responsibility to make sure the safety of all the employees as well as the visitors, customers and contractors. Set of all the warning and symbols to prevent the accidents and aware everyone if some part of the building gets harmful or dangerous. If you are not coming to the working place and do your work from home, all the acts still apply.

Work from Home:

If you are working from home, you should take care of yourself and house. You should follow all the acts like first aid box, break time, screening rest, eyes protection and all the other acts mentioned above.

Future Changes:

In 2007, the authorities make no smoking a law with all the regulations. They changed the fire regulations and introduce some new laws, rules and regulations. It is very necessary to update your health and safety standards with time to prevent the loss and damage.


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