Never Cut The Wings Of Your Desires

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In this world, there are two kinds of people, one who stands alone and wait for a miracle to happen and the other who start chasing their dreams. Some of us dream about having a beautiful life with family at home and some dream of exploring the world. Some people follow one dream. And some run after many dreams.


People who run after to fulfil all their dreams forget their true purpose and get lost in a different world. But those who see dreams and make the same dream the real purpose of their lives are more successful. All you need to do is work hard with full devotion to fulfil your dream.


Don’t get afraid of failures in life, because failure is always the first step toward success. When you get through failure you realize that you have to do more efforts to reach your destination. Stop being a creature of comfort. When you get through failure immediately step of your comfort zone and do more hard work to achieve your goals. You would be more confident and creative after saying goodbye to your comfort zone. We all know that it’s not easy to fail, it’s not easy to get rid of your past, it’s not easy to overcome your fears, but your consistency and passion for reaching your dreams will make it happen. You will be out of all this grudge, fears, and failures when you believe in yourself.


Sometimes that happens in your life that you try to achieve a goal and are very close to it but you can’t reach there. At that stage instead of giving up, you should think “let’s give it another try. Never stop chasing your dream. Make your dream your passion and stick to it. You have to believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter that people appreciate you for your work or not .because people usually encourage others in a very discouraging way, so don’t rely on other people’s appreciation but built your own. First, you have to believe in your strength. You need to make yourself realize that you have the courage, you can do it, you have the power to fulfil your dream. The only thing that makes your dream come true is your strong will power.


Everyone wants to Fly in the heights of the open sky. But sometimes suddenly something happens and you fall to the ground. Some people immediately get disappointed. They start thinking that they might be dreaming of something na├»ve and stupid or it’s out of their reach. And they start to cut off the wings of their dreams and sit quietly and lock all their dreams somewhere deep inside their subconscious mind. They give up and stop dreaming. But remember one thing, You don’t need to be disappointed too early. Life is too hard, it’s not an easy task to achieve a dream in the first attempt you have to try again and again until you reach your destination. But some people are strong and courageous with good hope and they succeed very quickly. They don’t think it is difficult for them to accomplish any task. You also have to build that courage in yourself that you can fulfil your dreams.

Let your dreams, whether they be one or many, fly in the heights of the open sky. Never cut the wings of your dreams, don’t get disappointed, and never stop dreaming One day you will stand in that place where you grew up dreaming.

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