Change The Order Of Your Intentions

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Sometimes a little self-talk makes you so discouraged that you start thinking that I can’t do this anything more or I’m not able to do something big, I have not right to see dreams because I don’t have the guts to make them true. This type of negative thought comes up in our minds very often. The reason is our pretentious and negative thinking. In today’s world, people think that success relies on having a bank balance and living a luxurious life. And if they fail to get that they will not be successful.

The day we start our career and start competing in our life. We think we will make money first in life to get success. Then we will get respect and we will be loved. We go out looking for a job to make money. We run after big rank to earn respect. And we run after relationships for love. We make all these things the purpose of our lives. And before they are fulfilled, we are fulfilled. Everything else is done, but we are not happy. Now ones you change the order of your intentions.

We have to change our thoughts to change our lives

Steps To ChangeĀ  Your Thoughts

Empower your mind :

Spend time with yourself alone for at least 20-25 per day. Start memorizing the thing you frequently ask yourself. Be aware of your thoughts. Try to recognize yourself, what you want from life, what you want to be, and what are your grudges and regrets that offend you. And after when self-talk is over, stop doing anything else and compactly note down what you were thinking in the last 20 minutes. This thing will help you to clear your thoughts.

Discard Negative Thoughts:

To discard your negative thoughts follow a little trick. Write all your negative thoughts on paper, tore them into pieces, and then throw them in the garbage. This will make you feel that you get rid of your negative thoughts.
Take a long breath to stop negative thoughts coming from inside. Try to distract yourself when you feel that something is irritating you. Do a little exercise and go for a walk this will change your environment and you’ll be able to say goodbye to your negative thoughts.

Be Thankful for what you have:

We always regret those things which we can’t achieve in our lives but we never show thankfulness for what we have. We spend our lives with empty thoughts, grudges, and fears, thinking that we are worthless. But this is not the right thing. You have to always be thankful for things you have this will make your life easy. If you start thinking positively and start thanking for what you have you will feel a change in your life. You will feel like all negative thoughts are buried deep or flew away in the depth of the sky. You will feel calmness in your thoughts and life.

Learn To Be happy :

First, learn to be happy then you will find love, you will get respect, you will get money and you will get the love of relationships. Make things your goal, don’t run after them. Always remember that adjusting your intentions can change your life. And you get everything you want in life.

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