Proper use of senses

A family that had power but did not have the concept of an education. Not even a single child was adorned with the ornaments of education. Then a child was born in this family who had a passion for education and advancement. He got education. If this child interest to read books, then read thousands of books. When the interested to go on a journey, he started traveling around the world. When it is interested in writing articles, so writes the best one articles then people will become a fan of his man. He tells according to reading books, traveling and writing all kinds of writings. That life is a journey and Want to keep going on this journey. There are many destinations in the journey. And these destinations bring with them new things. Human learns from things.

Humans have senses. What we call the Five Senses. They use senses for sees, hears, smells, taste, and touches. In addition to all these senses, there is also a six sense. Which has a relation to do with the soul. Human also feels the source of the soul. The function of all these senses is to obtain information scattered throughout the universe. And then convey their message to the people. Unless anyone person does not use all senses. They do not understand all the information well. Every human being in the world examines and tests everything with his senses. And then uses the information that is needed. Other things the rest is stored in his mind. If a person uses his senses properly, he will be successful in life.

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